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Over 50 lists of excellent movies, novels, short story collections, and other forms of art, most of which are horror, mystery, or sci-fi.

The following lists are all movies, novels, short story collections, and other forms of art that I have enjoyed and recommend for those interested in the sub-genres named. You may notice I’ve left off some of the more obvious titles. That’s not out of any lack of love for, say, The Shining, but rather to promote works that are a little less well-known. I’ve done my best not to repeat titles on different lists, and I’ve also chosen not to repeat authors or directors in the same category. Again, not out of a lack of respect for a given creator, but in order not to write a list of body-horror movies all directed by David Cronenberg, for instance.

These are not meant to be definitive lists of the “best” of any of these sub-categories, at least not in any sort of an objective sense. I’m not interested in doing that sort of canon-formation. Rather, these are works that caught my imagination in one way or another, pieces I think should get more attention. Anyways, I’ll be adding to these lists for awhile. I hope you enjoy reading them, come away with some interesting suggestions, and share them. And, of course, please feel free to comment with your own suggestions!

  1. Haunted House Novels:
  2. Haunted House Movies:
  3. Comedic Horror Novels:
  4. Comedic Horror Movies:
  5. Killer Novels:
  6. Killer Movies:
  7. Surreal Horror Novels/Short Stories:
  8. Surreal Horror Movies:
  9. Short Horror Novels:
  10. Single-Setting Horror Movies:
  11. Horror Novels Set in the Forest:
  12. Horror Movies Set in the Forest:
  13. Subtle Horror Short Story Collections:
  14. Subtle Horror Movies:
  15. Demonic Horror Novels:
  16. Demonic Horror Movies:
  17. Paranoiac/Conspiracy Theory Novels:
  18. Paranoiac/Conspiracy Theory Movies:
  19. Lovecraftian Novels/Short Story Collections:
  20. Lovecraftian Movies:
  21. Horror-Fantasy Novels/Short Story Collections:
  22. Action-Horror Movies:
  23. The History of the Horror Genre:
  24. Monster Movies:
  25. Non-Fiction Books About Monsters:
  26. Horror-Mystery Movies:
  27. Horror-Mystery Novels/Short Story Collections:
  28. Metafictional Horror Movies:
  29. Cursed Film Novels:
  30. Unique Vampire/Werewolf Movies:
  31. Horrific Manga/Graphic Novels:
  32. Extreme and Brutal Horror Movies:
  33. Intense and Explicit Horror Story Collections:
  34. Horror Movies About Cults:
  35. Novels About the End(s) of the World:
  36. 21st Century Wintery Horror Movies:
  37. Snowbound Horror Novels:
  38. Giallo Horror-Mystery Movies:

10 Novels About Haunted Homes (And One Haunted Bookstore): Fear Makes a House a Home

10 Great and Demented Haunted House Movies: Dark Dens

10 Comedic Horror Novels: Laughter in the Dark

10 Gut-Busting Horror-Comedy Movies: Horrific Hilarity:

10 Horror/Mystery Novels from the Perspective of Killers: The Killer Eye

10 Killer Character Movies: A Murderous Gaze

10 Surreal Horror/Horror-Adjacent Books: Avant-Garde Terrors

10 Surreal Horror Movies: Nightmare Worlds

10 Great Horror Novels You Can Read in a Single Sitting: Short, Sweet, and Sharp

10 Claustrophobic Horror Movies: Nowhere to Run

10 Walks in the Terrible Woods: Horror Novels About Disturbing Forests

10 Horror Movies Set in the Woods: It’s Coming for Me Through the Trees!

10 Subtle and Spooky Short Story Collections: Quiet Dread

10 Slow-Burn Horror Movies: Subtle Scares

10 Infernally Good Demon and Devil Horror Novels: The Powers of Hell

10 Demonic Horror Movies: An Infernal Lens

10 Paranoia-Inducing Books: The Hidden Plan and Your Rather Unfortunate Part in It

10 Paranoiac Horror/Mystery Movies: Suspicious Minds

10 Lovecraftian Horror Novels and Short Story Collections: Twisted Tomes

10 Lovecraftian Movies: Eldritch Visions

10 Epic Dark Fantasy Novels and Short Story Collections: Shadow-Plagued Worlds

10 Thrilling Action-Horror Movies: The Struggle to Survive

10 Books About the History of the Horror Genre: A Legacy of Terror

10 Great Monster Movies: Creature Features

10 Nonfiction Books About Monstrous Entities, People, Ideas, and Places: The Face of the Other

10 Horror-Mystery Movies: Petrifying Puzzles

10 Supernatural Horror-Mystery Novels: Unnatural Enigmas

10 Excellent Meta-Horror Films: You May Be Trapped in a Scary Movie

10 Novels About Cursed Films and Videos: Deadly Screens

10 Unique Vampire/Werewolf Horror Movies: Children of the Night

10 Horrific Manga and Graphic Novels: Illustrated Evils

10 Intense Horror Short Story Collections: Terrifying Tales

By Matthew Pridham

I write horror stories as well as film and book reviews. I've been published in Weird Tales Magazine,,, and My primary interests are modernist fiction, world domination, the horror genre (classic, avant-garde, modern), polyamory, and philosophy of every stripe. Favorite authors include (but are far from limited) to Marcel Proust, Ramsey Campbell, Martin Amis, Thomas Ligotti, Ruth Rendell, Vladimir Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges, and Clive Barker. I grew up in Bergen, Norway as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I've attended the University of New Mexico and CU Boulder.

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